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June 23: edited my post on Gaslighting to insert a link to a very good video by psychologist, Ross Rosenberg, explaining how gaslighting starts in childhood, and how to heal from parents who gaslight.

June 6: PBS's Frontline takes on the issue of human sex trafficking of abducted teenage girls in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Click HERE for that.

May 17: Turpin parents get 25 years to life for abusing their children. Final words from children and parents at sentencing. Click HERE for that.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

cocktail hour: an hour of anger, bombs and missiles that lasts all night

Cocktail Hour
© 2013 by Lise Winne
(for inquiries regarding licensing this image for articles or blogs contact LilacGroveGraphics ((att)) yahoo.com) 

Don't you just have a terrible sense of dread when you hear the ice cubes hitting the edge of the cocktail glass for the beginning of cocktail hour? Bombs away! 

I have heard so many stories (and have experienced it myself) of wanting to get away, hide, lock a door when cocktail hour begins. Ice cubes don't seem particularly scary unless an alcoholic with rage issues is handling them. Kids I have talked to seem particularly traumatized by that sound. If you are vulnerable, it becomes the time to not say a word lest the ambush and punishment unleash. 

This is my latest drawing (finished in July of 2013). I draw to speak out. Silence is never golden when it comes to being the victim or recipient of abuse or the unprovoked rage of an alcoholic.  


  1. I made a connection to my past and sound. My father could be unpredictable, not physical but certainly verbally abusive when drinking. Any time I hear a drunk male voice even now at nearly 60 my stomach still gets tied up in knots.

    The biggest thing I ever learned is that you are not alone. This blog and those you link to prove that.

    1. Thank you Cozy, for your very personal story and comment.


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