Healing Art for Victims of Alcoholic and Narcissistic Families

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Name of art piece: "Scapegoat Healing"
© 2014 by Lise Winne

for sale through a company (Fine Art America makes the prints and the products), but you buy them through my site, LiseWinne.net. Includes small and very large canvas prints, framed prints, paper prints, metal prints and posters. The design also comes as greeting cards, totes, pillows, cell phone cases and a duvet cover. It gives you the option of viewing details up close. Follow THIS LINK.  

or for sale through me directly (the artist) as an 11" x 14" fine art giclee hand signed print
(archival inks and paper) 
through THIS LINK

What this piece is saying: The white scapegoat (signifying purity) that has been sent out to the desert to die, wanders instead, and finds an abundant lush garden. The family (or workplace, or society) that burdened him with all of the blaming, shaming, rejection, insults and toxic emotional waste, this load has miraculously turned to white butterflies and is literally floating away, disencumbering the goat of his heavy load.

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  1. Thank you for all these great posts and your art is beautiful. There is also a lot of sexism, misogny involved as pple and society think need a man and also want to manipulate you. Giving up alcohol, smoking etc best thing done for health etc and non of these alcoholic, narc bullies come over. It has taken me a long time to see people I thought liked me actually hate me. Live and learn.


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