Monday, August 5, 2013

Jenny the Teetotaler with Alcoholics

how drinkers view Jenny, the teetotaler

how Jenny, the teetotaler, views the drinkers

© 2013 (artworks by Lise Winne)
(for inquiries regarding licensing these images contact LilacGroveGraphics ((att))

This is my latest cartoon (I finished drawing it last night). My partner asked why Jenny, the teetotaler, had a dark spike over her head in the second picture. My answer was because some alcoholics are angry (and can become belligerent or even violent over the slightest nuance -- from hearing stories at Alanon). Thus, there is no way for Jenny to feel "at home" in this situation!

Note: I realize that alcoholism is a disease and that it is very easy to become addicted, especially if you drink every day. I know it can creep up on the most disciplined among us. So, this cartoon is not about "judging" even though both sides here have "judgmental thoughts"; it is about perceptions, and "feeling out of league" and "feeling like you don't belong".

I think this kind of scene is more typical than most people are willing to admit. 

Here are some close-ups of the drinkers (note: Jenny didn't change much, so she is not represented here):

I draw to speak out. 

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