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June 23: edited my post on Gaslighting to insert a link to a very good video by psychologist, Ross Rosenberg, explaining how gaslighting starts in childhood, and how to heal from parents who gaslight.

June 6: PBS's Frontline takes on the issue of human sex trafficking of abducted teenage girls in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Click HERE for that.

May 17: Turpin parents get 25 years to life for abusing their children. Final words from children and parents at sentencing. Click HERE for that.

Friday, March 7, 2014

who is in control in the alcoholic family?

name of artwork: King of Alcohol
(under the influence, of course!)
image is ©2014 Lise Winne
(for information regarding licensing any images contact LilacGroveGraphics (att) yahoo.com) 

I found this as part of an article on  MyAlcoholic-Addict.com:

Who’s in control?
In general, the person with the most erratic behavior controls the behavior of those around them. Unless your family has even bigger problems than alcoholism, the alcoholic is in control of the alcoholic family. The rest of the family tends to cater to their desires or whims. Whether it is to avoid confrontation, deal with the fallout of their behavior or simply because it is easier to give in, everyone else goes along. This only changes when the family decides that they won’t put up with it any more – a very difficult decision. ~ myalcoholic-addict.com

Who lets it all happen? Enablers. Who are the enablers? This article explains how different family members make it all happen.

What about putting up with abuse in the alcoholic family? GO HERE to learn about the dysfunctional alcoholic family wheel of abuse. This is what it looks like, but you'll have to use the link in order to see the writing:

another view of the King closer up:

I draw to speak out (and also to help others find a way). Silence is never golden in these kinds of situations, that's for sure!

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