Thursday, November 28, 2013

The lighter side of alcohol; a Thanksgiving joke

I found this via Facebook via "Irish Laughter" through THIS LINK.

On a more serious note, being from a dysfunctional alcoholic family where there is incredible tension (or people not talking to each other), can be a dark time. Here are some things to do if you are alone on Thanksgiving or just don't want to deal with your crazy family:

1. Have Thanksgiving or a potluck with friends who are also alone
2. Work at your local soup kitchen
3. Volunteer to hold some babies who were abandoned at your local hospital from addict/alcoholic mothers
4. Have a list of folks who you can talk to on the phone if you live in a place that is far away from any friends or family
5. Find fellow Alanon members who are also alone and organize a Thanksgiving together

These are just some ideas. There are others you may think of too.

I draw to speak out. Silence is never golden when it comes to being the victim or recipient of abuse or the unprovoked rage of an alcoholic.  

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