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November 26: How to Gray Rock Narcissistic Family Members at Thanksgiving: post here and updated with a video by Dr. Ramani Durvasula (more about dealing with holidays here)
November 20: the first petition I have seen of its kind: Protection for Victims of Narcissistic Sociopath Abuse (such as the laws the UK has, and is being proposed for the USA): story here and here or sign the actual petition here
November 10: Psychologists are discussing whether Narcissism is an autism spectrum disorder. Link to one article here about it, with my comments afterwards
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September 1: my newest movie review on Mommie Dearest, the quintessential child abuse movie

Friday, May 5, 2017

some videos about child abuse

"teardrop" by Lise Winne - © 2017

What child abuse looks and sounds like
(these videos can be triggering for survivors, but can also help you identify abuse):

This one is from Canada (which have better child abuse laws than the USA -- it tells how to report child abuse and what to do if you were subjected to abuse).
From "Child Abuse Awareness - Glimpse of the Pain" by Helen Gleeda
Published on Apr 21, 2013
Her words: "This is a video aimed at creating awareness about child abuse and also aimed at informing its viewers of the different types of Canadian legislation that is in place to protect the vulnerable":

Video of Pecos woman hitting daughter goes viral, father speaks out:

This a commercial, but it is highly effective in what emotional child abuse can do to a person:
Child Abuse Television Commercial - Mental Abuse -- by ContourMediaPtyLtd:

This is also a commercial, but it explains what can happen to children who are abused, and how many children are effected:
Child Abuse Video - Parkerville Children & Youth Care -- also by ContourMediaPtyLtd:

This next one is a UK video about Childline, a service for survivors of emotional abuse 
(note: emotional abuse is illegal in England where this video was made).
"Words Can Hurt: Emotional Abuse  by Childline (call 0-800-1111)":

Step parent beating child as father records due to the need to gather evidence for police -- by MintWorker:
the comments on this video were very strongly against this "step-mother"
-- if she can even be called that.

A survivor makes a video about her own child abuse.
"Childhood" a short film about child abuse by
Jasmin Scuteri-Young

A video to help you get over child abuse:
"Children of Narcissistic Parents-The Way They Abuse Their Young"
by Lisa Romano, Break Through Life Coach
Her words: "Children of Narcissistic Parents-The Way They Abuse Their Young Different ways narcissistic parents wound their children. Terms and definitions of abusive tactics."

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