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June 23: edited my post on Gaslighting to insert a link to a very good video by psychologist, Ross Rosenberg, explaining how gaslighting starts in childhood, and how to heal from parents who gaslight.

June 6: PBS's Frontline takes on the issue of human sex trafficking of abducted teenage girls in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Click HERE for that.

May 17: Turpin parents get 25 years to life for abusing their children. Final words from children and parents at sentencing. Click HERE for that.

Friday, May 5, 2017

some videos about child abuse

"teardrop" by Lise Winne - © 2017

What child abuse looks and sounds like
(these videos can be triggering for survivors, but can also help you identify abuse):

This one is from Canada (which have better child abuse laws than the USA -- it tells how to report child abuse and what to do if you were subjected to abuse).
From "Child Abuse Awareness - Glimpse of the Pain" by Helen Gleeda
Published on Apr 21, 2013
Her words: "This is a video aimed at creating awareness about child abuse and also aimed at informing its viewers of the different types of Canadian legislation that is in place to protect the vulnerable":

Video of Pecos woman hitting daughter goes viral, father speaks out:

This a commercial, but it is highly effective in what emotional child abuse can do to a person:
Child Abuse Television Commercial - Mental Abuse -- by ContourMediaPtyLtd:

This is also a commercial, but it explains what can happen to children who are abused, and how many children are effected:
Child Abuse Video - Parkerville Children & Youth Care -- also by ContourMediaPtyLtd:

This next one is a UK video about Childline, a service for survivors of emotional abuse 
(note: emotional abuse is illegal in England where this video was made).
"Words Can Hurt: Emotional Abuse  by Childline (call 0-800-1111)":

Step parent beating child as father records due to the need to gather evidence for police -- by MintWorker:
the comments on this video were very strongly against this "step-mother"
-- if she can even be called that.

A survivor makes a video about her own child abuse.
"Childhood" a short film about child abuse by
Jasmin Scuteri-Young

A video to help you get over child abuse:
"Children of Narcissistic Parents-The Way They Abuse Their Young"
by Lisa Romano, Break Through Life Coach
Her words: "Children of Narcissistic Parents-The Way They Abuse Their Young Different ways narcissistic parents wound their children. Terms and definitions of abusive tactics."

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